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PoE Lighting
PoE Lighting: The New Norm to Light Your Space

Power over Ethernet, PoE lighting enables power and data to be transmitted via a single category (CAT) cable, thereby facilitating digital communication with the lighting system. With PoE lighting, the lights are connected to the building’s IT infrastructure – creating a real opportunity for savings. It also allows for seamless integration into other smart building systems, enabling facility managers to centralize the power management and control of all of these systems.

Benefits of PoE Lighting

There are a variety of reasons to consider implementing PoE lighting into your system, including:

Upfront Cost Savings

One of the essential benefits of PoE lighting over a traditional lighting system is that it saves building owners money. This is achieve by reducing upfront construction costs, as well as the time to completion for cabling and installation. Moreover, PoE-lighting also lowers capital expenditures, labor, and the cost of materials related to construction and maintenance.

Reduced Operational Costs

PoE-lighting systems allow you to automate almost every aspect of your building. For example, the lighting in common areas can be turn off or dimmed automatically base on occupancy or vacancy. Lights can also be adjust based on the amount of natural light entering the room. This not only reduces your running costs but also minimizes maintenance costs as the lights will last longer due to more efficient usage.    

Increased Building Value

Everyone values intelligence and, once you install PoE lighting, you can market your property as a smart building to potential tenants or buyers. Plus, the benefits you’ll receive as an owner – including safety, integration, and automation – are the same benefits that you can offer building occupants. 

Data & Enhanced Analytics

PoE lighting offers the ability to gather data and gain access to analytics. Such as energy usage in your business, occupancy details, and other sensor data. These analytics can have a significant effect on sustainability, operations, and cost-saving strategies.

Utilizing Existing IT Systems

Optimizing the tools and processes used to manage any organization’s IT systems is a major investment and effort. Fortunately, IT network administrators are typically skilled at monitoring, responding to, and fixing problems as they arise. All of these tools, processes, personnel, and experience can be utilize to manage the light system, as well as all of the IoT devices connected to it.

The exponential growth of intelligent building and PoE technologies represents a unique opportunity to achieve significant capital. And operational savings by reducing your building’s total cost of ownership. Plus, with the advent of commercially available PoE lighting, your ceiling can be easily digitalize.

Granted, this is a whole new world of construction savings, building management, and occupant experience. And, to benefit from PoE-lighting and intelligent and green building opportunities. You need a reliable and efficient PoE light solution, as well as access to the vendor’s expert knowledge. CABSY is a leading innovation-driven company that utilizes the growing evolution of data, PoE, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) to simplify the future of light control. With divergent thinking and the latest PoE and IoT technologies. CABSY has developed an economical, energy-saving, and efficient lighting solution called nLUMINAIRE. Learn more at nluminaire.com


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