NLUMINAIRE FOR commercial buildings

admin . Jun 15 . 5 min read

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No matter the type of property —office building, healthcare facility, public or governmental premise, or educational property — occupant comfort, productivity, and quality of output are at the forefront of importance.

Protecting the bottom line has become more critical than ever. And reducing operational costs wherever possible has become key for many owners — be it small companies or large multinational organizations.

One of the biggest operating expenses for any commercial building is its electricity bill — often inflate due to unnecessary lighting usage within the space. Think of all the lights on during the day when they don’t actually need to be.

Cost-effective solution for your commercial building

nLUMINAIRE’s cost-effective PoE networked lighting control solution for your commercial building gives you complete freedom over the customization of the lighting within every lit area of your space. You will reduce operational and maintenance costs while dramatically improving quality assurance and occupant experience.

Easy to install, set up, and manually customize, the nLUMINAIRE PoE networked lighting control solution can help free up your valuable time by automatically taking care of your building lighting needs.

nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is a comprehensive solution

The nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is a network-based solution that can easily be merged with other networked systems within a single infrastructure. This makes it possible to centralize and manage all these systems via a single console. As a result, the need for additional labour to operate and maintain the lighting system is reduced.

nLUMINAIRE can monitor every lit area within your space — down to the last pane of glass. This is achieve by first sensing and acknowledging static and motion movement. The system then analyzes and automatically takes actions to fulfil its mission. Provide the best and most optimal lighting for that space.

Another feature of nLUMINAIRE Sensor is its daylight harvesting capability. The ability to understand how bright an area is from natural light sources allows the system to act accordingly. And either increase or decrease light output.

In addition, because nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is a network-based solution using ethernet category cables; it becomes easier to efficiently design a unified infrastructure for new upcoming buildings.

nLUMINAIRE ensures the lighting within your commercial building is not only smart but also safe and secure.


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