No More Electrical Wires For Lights.

Control your lighting from anywhere anytime with nLUMINAIRE

Are you satisfied with your current traditional lighting network?

Probably Not?Why


Waste of Energy


Lack of Control


Absence of Centralization


Inability to integrate with other building systems


High operational and maintenance activities


Excess manpower and efforts


Many networks leading to complex infrastructure


Limitations on expansions and upgrades

The time is right to simplify the future of lighting.

The time is right to simplify the future of lighting.

Why Now?

The technology is available to save energy & costs

Worldwide trend toward more sustainable & greener properties

Prevalent in new smart buildings construction and existing properties are being converted to be more intelligent

nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is an intelligent, self-tuning, power over ethernet (PoE), networked lighting control (NLC) solution. Incorporating smart devices and software, nLUMINAIRE powers, controls and monitors lighting that conforms to individual needs, while simultaneously enhancing utilization and lowering overall energy consumption.


nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is easily deployed with any star topology network infrastructure, and its interoperability enables it to work with any network switch that supports PoE Lighting technology. Plus, nLUMINAIRE is also compatible with any third-party LED lighting fixture and can be implemented in either upcoming lighting installations or existing PoE LED lighting fixtures in renovation or upgrade situations.

  • Cloud
  • On Premise


Ideal Everywhere.

Let nLUMINAIRE Control Suite shape the uniqueness of your premise

  • Commercial
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Industrial

Why Choose nLUMINAIRE.

Smart lighting solutions for every project


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