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Create & Innovative Data-Driven Intelligence with nController The nController is a self-contained, internet of things (IoT)-enabled platform specifically designed for networked lighting control (NLC). It utilizes the latest power of ethernet (PoE) technology standard to intelligently power and control all lighting aspects.  Closely integrated with the nSensor and nManager, the nController improves occupant comfort and […]



Control & Power Your LED Lighting Fixture with nDriver The nDriver is a self-contained, internet of things (IoT)-enabled platform specifically designed for networked lighting control (NLC). Specifically, it utilizes the latest power over ethernet (PoE) technology standard to intelligently power and control individual lighting fixtures. In the event of a server connection failure, the nDriver […]



Improve Occupant Comfort & Productivity with nSensor nSensor is an intelligent, ceiling-mounted device that combines daylight harvesting, motion, and static presence sensors into a single platform. Specifically, it gradually dims lighting to maximize energy savings, while still maintaining the overall desired lighting level. It also utilizes the latest infrared technologies to detect occupancy status. Employing […]



Style Up Your Interior Design with nSwitch nSwitch is an elegant smart wall switch that provides lighting control for an individual space or entire floor. An intuitive, full-glass touch panel makes it simple to use: There are no buttons to push, knobs to turn or sliders to move.  More than just a control to turn […]



Performance Meets Security with nGateway The nGateway is a rack-mounted server that’s ideal for small to large organizations that are committed to delivering high performance with the right balance of expandability and scalability. Specifically, nGateway is engineered to optimize the latest technology advances across processors, memory, networking, storage. And accelerators to provide real-time insights based on […]



Lighting Control It’s Not Just for Hardware Anymore with nManager There’s more to lighting control than the use of motion sensors and dimmers. Today, it’s the ideal combination of user interfaces; control units; daylight and infrared sensors; and much more. Specifically, these connections perform advanced activities – such as managing your lighting assets, hardware assets […]


nManager Mobile

Move Beyond the Lighting Console with nManager Mobile Control commercial and industrial lighting from the palm of your hand.  With nManager Mobile, it’s easier than ever to manage lighting activities through a wide range of functionalities for a precise light level every time. An on-screen dimming bar gives you smooth control for full-range dimming. Available […]


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