nluminaire for hospital industry

admin . Jun 22 . 5 min read

Internet of Things

Lighting plays an indispensable role in the hospitality sector. Proper lighting can influence the comfort of guests and their overall experience. Adequate and well-controlled lights foster a warm and positive atmosphere, increasing guest satisfaction and improving customer retention.

The hospitality sector is among the biggest energy consumers, and lighting plays a major role in this. PoE-networked lighting control solutions support cost savings along with many other benefits. It allows for remote control of lighting systems and scheduling automatic changes based on time of day, event schedules, or guest preferences. Data collected by sensors can be used to optimize energy usage and create dynamic lighting displays that leave a lasting impression on guests.

Control Solution Helps Hospitality Businesses

The nLUMINAIRE PoE networked lighting control solution helps hospitality businesses optimize and automate lighting in whatever way they may deem necessary and reduce energy consumption. In addition, they can minimize the requirements of the AC hardwired electric infrastructure and its related hazardous risks, thereby contributing to a better more sustainable and greener environment.

Furthermore, nLUMINAIRE Control Suite incorporates management software that can be programmed with specific emergency action lists. Thus, businesses ensure that exit paths are well-illuminated and easy to follow for a safe escape.

The nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is a network-based solution that can easily be merged with other networked systems within a single infrastructure. This makes it possible to centralize and manage all these systems via a single console. As a result, the need for additional manpower to operate and maintain the lighting system is reduced.

Deploying nLUMINAIRE Control Suite

Deploying nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is straightforward in new networked lighting installations. When renovating or upgrading older installations, the technology easily integrates with existing, legacy LED lighting fixtures.

With the hospitality industry becoming more competitive than ever, businesses must continuously improve their unique offerings — including redefining their lighting. The ideal lighting solution provides ways to dynamically control lighting while delivering a feeling of quality and depth in a comfortable and inviting environment.


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