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Internet of Things

The importance of lighting in industrial workspaces is often overlooked when we talk about mental health and well-being of employees. But according to several studies, poor lighting is directly related to a long list of health issues — both physical and mental — including eye strain, headaches, fatigue and stress in work environments.

A recent study found a clear correlation between light and levels of relaxation, stimulation, and the impact on our sleep cycle. Proper lighting helps decrease depression and improves employee energy, alertness, and productivity.

Smart lighting solutions for industrial sites

Over the last several years, industrial sites have increasingly started to adopt smart lighting solutions on their premises. Rather than using a standard light switch to continually illuminate an entire area or section of the premise, many now use automated PoE networked lighting control solutions, which provide light on demand.

Such PoE networked lighting solutions are essential for your industrial space. Benefits include:

  • Creates a pleasant working environment
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Environmentally sustainable solution

nLUMINAIRE has become one of the the industry leader of PoE networked lighting control solutions for new and existing industrial workspaces and sites. Our solution not only protects the bottom line but allows the industrial sector to meaningfully improve its corporate social responsibility of becoming more environmentally friendly and caring for our planet.

nLUMINAIRE Control Suite minimizes the requirements of the AC hardwired electric infrastructure and its related hazardous risks by deploying ethernet category cables. This virtually eliminates the likelihood of a fire caused by wiring.

State-of-the-art technologies

By implementing state-of-the-art technologies through our unified software platform,

nLUMINAIRE Manager offers an intelligent solution. One that improves operational efficiency,

integrates with other automation systems, shares performance monitoring,; and diagnoses and predicts maintenance data.

What’s more, nManager also centralizes control of the entire lighting system, thereby allowing multiple levels of control, monitoring, and maintenance.


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