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Internet of Things
nLUMINAIRE: A Bridge Between the Past and The Future

nLUMINAIRE Control Suite is an intelligent, self-tuning, power over ethernet (PoE), networked lighting control (NLC) solution. Incorporating smart devices and software, nLUMINAIRE powers, controls, and monitors lighting that conforms to individual needs, while simultaneously enhancing utilization and lowering overall energy consumption.

Introducing nLUMINAIRE Control Suite

The suite is comprised of five interconnected hardware components — a controller, a driver, a multifunctional sensor, a wall switch, and a gateway — in addition to manager software available in both web and mobile formats. By utilizing the latest PoE technology, nLUMINAIRE Control Suite provides both power and data connectivity to lighting control components. Likewise, by employing IoT functionality, nLUMINAIRE masterfully gathers real-time data; leverages deep-learning algorithms; and analyzes and generates baseline lighting configurations.

It’s also designed to be simple to install, configure and manage: Deploying the suite is straightforward in new networked lighting installations, but it also easily integrates with existing, legacy LED lighting fixtures in renovation or upgrade situations.

Moreover, nLUMINAIRE Control Suite merges form and function with intelligence; the end result is a next-generation technology that’s smart, secure, and simple to power and control LED lighting:


  • Processes and analyzes all data locally with an intelligent, IoT-enabled controller and driver powered

by a micro-processing unit.

  • Harvests daylight and detects occupancy — whether static or in motion — with a sophisticated, multifunctional sensor that can provide intelligent, real-time screening to gather and analyze data for optimal and ideal lighting.
  • Analyzes collected data and create a baseline lighting profile for every lit space via deep-learning algorithms.
  • Scales from an on-premise basic or professional lighting management system to an enterprise-wide, cloud-based system.
  • Provides comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide in-depth usage and energy-consumption information by the entire building, floor, zone or even individual LED fixture.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other smart building systems to manage down to a single pane of glass.


  • The IP-based platform ensures that your lighting is not only smart but also equipped with a high level of security via encrypted and secured communications.
  • Multiple layers of security: Two-factor authentication to prevent account takeover; anti-phishing code to prevent phishing emails; and OAuth2 keys to encrypt internal API-to-API connections.
  • Low-voltage category (CAT) cable is used in place of hardwired electrical connections to reduce the likelihood of fire to virtually zero.
  • Option to pre-program lights to flicker, signal an emergency, and illuminate the best exit route in the event of a fire or smoke alarm.


  • Simple to install, configure and operate
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure provides power to LED lighting fixtures — without deploying any additional power supply.
  • Direct connection to power over ethernet (PoE) switch using a single CAT5e cable or higher.
  • Locally pre-loaded firmware allows controller and driver to operate independently or be updated over-the-air (OTA) with a single command.
  • Sensor and switch direct connections to the controller via dedicated RJ-45 enabled ports save two ports at the power over ethernet (PoE) switch and reduce the network infrastructure requirements.
  • Functionalities benefit the user and also make it easy for users to access all its features.

Benefits of nLUMINAIRE

  • Saves Energy

nLUMINAIRE utilizes energy in the most efficient manner through the smart control of LED lighting.

  • Saves Money

The nLUMINAIRE reduces the complexity and costs associated with the infrastructure and installation of lighting networks during construction or renovations.

  • Centralizes Management

nLUMINAIRE utilizes power over ethernet (PoE) and IP-based network infrastructures for its power and data transmission to LED lighting fixtures. This then creates a real opportunity to consolidate and manage multiple building systems. Including the lighting system — into a single infrastructure. As a result, this integration not only saves money on operational. And maintenance costs but also improves quality assurance and occupant experience.

  • Provides Real-Time Status & Alerting

nLUMINAIRE has self-monitoring capabilities for any failures or connectivity issues. And immediately alerts when an incident occurs within the lighting infrastructure.

  • Automates Your Lighting

nLUMINAIRE deploys advanced integration and automation that allow the system to be intelligently conscious about the concerned space. This is achieve by sensing and acknowledging static and motion activities, as well as detecting external lighting effects. The system then automatically takes the appropriate measures and actions to fulfill its mission.

In addition, in the event of nGateway failure, nLUMINAIRE can take over through the nController device. And become a standalone system until the issue is resolve. Then, once the server is restored, it will pass control back to the nGateway, simultaneously archiving every single action taken during the server’s downtime.

  • Reduces Environmental Footprint

nLUMINAIRE dramatically reduces energy consumption and minimizes the requirements of the AC hardwired electric infrastructure. And its related hazardous risks, thereby contributing to a better, more sustainable, and greener environment.

  • Digitalizes Eviction Plan

nLUMINAIRE is able to evict any specific area with absolutely no human interference and without jeopardizing human safety. This can be complete through predefined schedules. And action lists that alarm occupants of the need to leave the area of concern and illuminates the best path to exit.


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