We’re a team of smart, highly-skilled entrepreneurs, engineers & lighting specialists, but above all: we’re visionaries. We believe that buildings need to be green & sustainable – and that the occupants’ well-being should always be a priority.

This is why we have placed the human & nature at the center of CABSY’s solutions.

In 2016, CABSY was born out of the need to simplify lighting solutions for buildings. We were set on providing green and budget-friendly alternatives to traditional lighting. We have built our products with great care for occupants – and we’re taking into consideration all the problems that building managers face. We understand how frustrating it is to manage a building with little or no visibility into power consumption, lighting usage, forthcoming costs, or no control over how lighting is used. For this reason, we have created an economical and efficient alternative to hardwired AC-powered lights: nLuminaire.

nLuminaire is an intelligent, self-tuning PoE enabled Network Lighting Control (NLC) solution. It is low-cost, green, and sustainable – and we’re proud of it.

One of our main missions is to help protect nature. We believe that we all have a shared responsibility to use nature’s resources wisely and to preserve them as much as possible. Green certifications become easier to obtain with CABSY’s solutions. And we understand that reducing the energy consumption of a building is a major step toward sustainability.

We’re dedicated to providing an excellent value for money, and to help you lower your energy bill. An instant 30% reduction of energy costs is observed after installing nLuminaire, which can go up to 50% with continuous optimization and monitoring. Our solution greatly simplifies building infrastructure. It keeps installation and maintenance costs low and predictable – making it ideal for your budgeting needs.

The smart buildings are here – and the technology to manage them has changed forever. We’re using the power of innovation and technology to improve the lives of others and to create low-cost, green, and sustainable solutions: for a better future, together.